Group of Muslim women under the leadership of Political & Social Activist Fathima Muzaffer representing the Shariah Protection Forum for Women met the Chairman of Tamilnadu State Minorities commission and Tamilnadu State Commission for Women Welfare on Friday 28-10-2016.

They presented a petition seeking action to be taken against the Central Government’s move to ban triple talaq and plans to impose Uniform Civil Code in India.

They sought protection of Islamic laws of Shariah under Muslim Personal Law as promised in the Article 25 of Constitution of India.

The women said that they have protection and equal rights in the Islamic laws and will not allow anybody to alter or remove the divine law as prescribed in the Holy Quran.

The Shariah Protection Forum for women was represented by
Women activist Mrs.Parveen Papa, Writer Dr.Thahira Iqbal, Advocate Reshmi Shammi, Educationalists Ms.A.Nasima Begum,Mrs.Nihar Fathima, Mrs.Samana Arshad & Mrs.Sumaiya Sadaq.

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